About me

Małgorzata Wypych – born in 1971 in Warsaw and raised there.  I am a barrister, I graduated in Law and Administration at Warsaw University as well as in Applied Social Sciences and Resocialisation at the same university.

Between 2007 and 2014 I worked in The Office of the State Attorney of the Treasury. Prior to that for ten years I co-operated with International Helsinki Federation for Human Rights, where I coordinated works of „Innocence” Clinic. As the representative of the Federation, I participated in many trials and I prepared legal opinions.

I am a scout and was initially involved in Polish Scouting and Guiding Association – ZHP. Then, I acted as an instructor in Scouting Association of the Republic (Poland) – ZHR and that was where I met my husband, Paweł. In ZHR I led the Mazovian Chorągiew (Mazovian Banner) of Girl Scouts.

I was engaged in activities of many NGOs, especially those that look after the needy or requiring assistance.

My husband, Paweł, died in a tragic plane crash in Smolensk on 10th April 2010.

I am a mother to Zuzia (Susan) and Krzyś (Chris).

I am currently a Member of Polish Parliament of VIII term, elected from Law and Justice (PiS) list. I belong to Committee on Liaison with Poles. Abroad and to Constitutional Accountability Committee.